Aaron and I started Grace Through The Wandering in a hotel room and finished it months later in a hotel room somewhere else. It was a strange and awesome process. Nothing was ideal or perfect...People knocking on the walls as we tried to track vocals, recording in crowded dressing rooms, drums in one day on no sleep, vocals in the back of a bus with a 57. The list literally goes on. We just moved along and pieced it together wherever and whenever we could (9 countries, 3 continents!), all on tour with Paramore.

I have so much respect for Aaron - he's a great friend and an extreme person in pretty much every way, which I love. Thankful he asked me to a part of this. Anyway, I started writing this to say that I struggled a bit with wanting some elements of the songs we did to be more polished and clean, especially when the recording/writing conditions were frustrating. But, looking back on it all I'm thankful it is how it is, and I honestly feel like if I'm going to be a part of a worship record it should very well be a little messy. That's my heart. I know that's Aaron's too. Much love to him and everyone who played and worked on Grace Through The Wandering.



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